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Happy To Anwser Any Questions You Have About Shearing, Styling, & Up Keep Of That Hawk You Are Rocking.

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Wish I could do the shearing for you but I'm in LA. If this is your first mohawk, than I highly recommend you take the sides down smooth and clean shaven with the straight edge razor as your barber will be able to create a far sharper stripe with a clear and clean shaven demarcation line. Thereafter, depending on your preference, you can rock the hawk anyway you like. Lately I've been wearing mine with a #1 (not 1 inch..that's way too long) clip with racing stripes running parallel to the mohawk and a razor fade out at mid crown.

Take pictures and post them here.

Have fun!
so i got my mohawk cut(default pic is the first cut). then got it 2 more times to fix it. its now like 3 1/2 inches long. ive got thick hair.
ive been trying to fan it out but it still stays chunky and no gaps nor is it all thin like, all the other pics i see. i dont know whether im doing something wrong or my hairs to thick. any advice?
I duno if you still check this, but I'm going to post anyway....

I've got really thin/fine hair and now my hawk is getting longer it starts to get really patchy, and I generally just bring the back forwards to help close any gaps, but this results in my hawk not reaching all the way back.

Any tips for keeping a fan even throughout, or a product that might artificially make my hair seem thicker, or something?


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