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If possible it would be great if everybody could buy the song "killing in the name of" by rage against the machine from any chart elegable site any time after the 13th of december!
Just imagine this years chritmas number 1 shouting out "fuck you i wont do what u tell me!"
it is actualy possible just buy the track but not untiL the 13th of december to ensure that it is in the christmas charts.
join this facebook group
it already has just under 400 thousand members so come on people togeather we can do this!

oh and simon cowell......FUCK YOU I WONT BUY WHAT YOU SELL ME!

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well you pretty much hit the nail on the head, why the fuck would we want british over produced pop garbage as number 1 once again? i take it u didnt go on the fb? clearly alot of people do give a shit it now has over 400 thousand members many of wich say they are willing to buy it more than 3 times, the campaighn has also been mentioned on several radio stations including radio 1 so it is actualy goin quite well!
i understand what your saying but i guess we are all entitled to our own opinions...
it's not so much at "Xfactor vs Rage" as it is "we're sick of shitty simon cowel produced Xmas no 1s" and then "what's rebellious enough to get across this basic message, but still approachable to have the general public buy it".

Personally I've bought it twice (cost less than a quid total). I just want to hear rage on the radio again.
Rage made it to no 1. :D


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