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It was my misfourtune today, to stumble upon "White Pride World Wide"'s profile. As you can guess by his name, and profle, he is a fucking cunt. I call upon everyone in this group (and I will soon post an anti-nazi disscussion) to FUCK THIS GUY UP! Also, realize that he has every right to be on this site, and it would be wrong to call for him to get kicked off. Unless, of course he violates the rules. With this in mind fill up his comments, but be sure not to make death, or any other kind, of threat that will get you banned from this site. You might be able to tell him what should happen to him, BUT DON'T PUSH IT. We wan't us to win not him. Now, GO FORTH AND FLAME THAT FUCKER!!!1

His profile URL:;

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Also, this guys a nazi (check his tatoos), and you can really just fuck with anyone whos friends with them
I considered commenting - but I think that's what he's after. He's desparately seeking attention and a false sense of power by getting a rise from folk. Very sad, but he doesn't show any spark of conscience - just empty pledges and immature insults.
thanks for being reasonable... most nazis just try to piss you off to start shit and further their agenda, i would call for the complete opposite, ignore the hell out of him and eventually he will see that his views aren't getting him anywhere with us and eventually he will stop logging on... remember nazis are the minority on this social network
I agree that a lot of Neo Nazis are just trying to piss people off or scare people away. I met this guy named Spencer who was pretty nice we liked a lot of the same music and stuff, then we got on the subject of school and the people there and he told me that everyone used to fuck around with him until he started drawing swastikas on his wrists, and calling himself a Nazi. So thats another reason why someone would do that kind of stuff, not to start fights but to keep people from picking on them.
true true... deep down theyre just misguided
I agree with you, leave him to his solitude of ignorance.
not all Nazis are in it to scare and shock people, take that white devil person for instance.
i have a lot of experience with these kinds of people and i take it very seriously.
this cunt called me a fat nigger lover >:( >:( >:(
He's such a sad, sad guy, now going out picking on random folk for his kicks. Reminds me of so many bullies - so bored with their life they pick on others to make themselves feel they have some impact.

Block him, is the best option, IMHO. He's not had have anything to say worth listening to, and he's just out to hurt in his own little ways. He doesn't realise he just lowers his worth to everyone else who understands reason and respect.
this disgusts me soo much.
i went to germany a few weeks ago, and i saw a concentration camp ( what i saw shocked me to my core and made me cry. ANYONE who agrees with what the nazi's did are horrible and disgusting and don't deserve to be called human. i swear i'll rip the face off any of the fuckers if i meet them.
Amen to that, sister. Like the hawk, btw. My GF has the side locks too! XD
You know what, fuck all you pacifists. I actually try to change my world instead of letting it pass me bye, and anyone who thinks the pen is more mighty than my fist, has a few things wrong. First and foremost, they have never been punched in the face. Second, its not always their fault. Most of modern society is brainwashing, and most of that is during youth when you're mind is still developing. Therefore, violence has been frowned upon because it threatens those in power, and the powerful don't like that. Third, the people who use the pen are trying to change the entire world, and have not considered the reality that only an extremly select few have done that, making it highly improbable, espesially if the point they are trying to make has been said before. If you really want to cahnge the world, you must realize that it is imposible and that you do have the power to change YOUR OWN PERSONAL WORLD by changing the individuals around you. This means anyone you can reach. Also, pain is a hell of a motivator and a life changer, and violence breeds pain, therfore breeding change, therefore becoming the most efective way to change the world. Thank you, and fuck off.


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