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It was my misfourtune today, to stumble upon "White Pride World Wide"'s profile. As you can guess by his name, and profle, he is a fucking cunt. I call upon everyone in this group (and I will soon post an anti-nazi disscussion) to FUCK THIS GUY UP! Also, realize that he has every right to be on this site, and it would be wrong to call for him to get kicked off. Unless, of course he violates the rules. With this in mind fill up his comments, but be sure not to make death, or any other kind, of threat that will get you banned from this site. You might be able to tell him what should happen to him, BUT DON'T PUSH IT. We wan't us to win not him. Now, GO FORTH AND FLAME THAT FUCKER!!!1

His profile URL:;

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I'm torn on this. I want to kick the arses (yes I am an immigrant to the US if anyone thinks my spelling somewhat odd) of any of these Nazi pricks, but at the same time I want to protect their freedom of expression. To me it's going to come down to where that expression take them. If they use it to incite violence then I think we're justified in using violence against them. And as josh so rightly points out, sometimes violence is needed to promote real change (incidentally the Voltaire quote is not actually Voltaire, it was used first by Evelyn Hall).

Actually a question for josh. I note you seem to be a proponent of one of the natural rights theories and just wondered if you had a preference for any particular exponent of it?

In essence, the eNazis (thanks for the expression) aren't worth the shit they spout. Most of them would never dream of saying or even thinking a lot of what they say IRL. It's the ones out in the community that we have to be wary of. The ones who do not tend to commit violent acts themselves, rather those that sit behind them.
At least this guy reads..... ;)
Yep - reading through things is good before commenting. Too often people just rant off on a forum without thinking how their words stay around until months and years later when they no longer care about them but they appear fresh to the reader.

Of course, targetting your readers accurately in the first place with logical, well thought out points is the best. That avoids coming across in a way you don't expect to, months or years later.
I like you XD
I'm sorry i haven't answered your question sooner, i forget to check this thread sometimes. I borrow alot from John Locke's points of view on natural rights, i believe in an unstated social contract shared by all humans based on a mutual right to exist, but at the same time there is a little Jean Rousseau in my attitude towards humanity in general, his theory that humans are naturally good but "society corrupts" shows up in alot of my arguments too. I guess the two ideals sort of cancel each other out, I personally am caught between what i believe could happen (Locke) and what i actually see in the world today (Rousseau).

I like to think that people can be good benevolent creatures, but as the old joke goes if you put more than 3 of them together they begin to take up sides and wear arm bands. This world has been "civilized" for a very very long time now and the prejudices sown from our divisions society are so ingrained in us that they will never go away and will continue to be humanity's bane on unity.

I believe that anyone has the right to exist, and to deny them that right would be an injustice. In accordance with that we should be allowed to live as we please as long as we do not violate the human rights of others. It is when that occurs that i feel someone has forfeited their right to exist. example: someone kills then they shall be killed. thats probably why i'm only concerned with what nazis do rather than their hollow threats.

Fortunately for me, there's not many actual Nazis here where i am but we have the KKK, they're just as bad though but they're a little less obvious.
Ha, civilized :) I'm glad there are still people like us punks around who can think for ourselfs and see whats really going on in the world around us
pretty much how i feel
people already beginning to harbour thoughts such as his may be influenced by his behaviour, remember E nazis are nazis in real life too, ever heard of redwatch? or the group that films foreign people and where they live so they can attack them? there has to be something done, im not advocating violence, but in some situations cant preemptive action be defensive? banning them from the site is really quite logical to me.
this would be a pointless place to spread a message of hate because WE are the majority and people are unwilling to listen. not to mention if they did start hate mongering we would, as you said, ban them. so far they have only been guilty of petty racist name calling which was mostly in retaliation for the insults and occasional death threats they have received from other users on this site which is why i'm assuming thats why they havent been banned already.

that statement in itself should be enough to prove my point that people here will not tolerate hatred so there is no need to control us like sheep by pointlessly banning people with different ideals just so we won't be "influenced" by their behaviour. i say let them stay as long as they don't start their open and blatant hate mongering, and if and when they do then we'd request them to be banned. GMM did the right thing by posting a warning on their sites by giving them a chance to be civil in this forum, because it is an ideal based on hate there really isn't a reason to spread it here because they will be deleted.

notice if you will that most of the nazis have not made a post in over a month. it is because they're in the minority and they're not getting anywhere with us. i don't mess with people because they are different i mess with them when they do something wrong. hasn't happened yet and as so long as it doesn't i will be tolerant but not ecstatic of their presence here.
he wont leave anyone else alone, he causes trouble and unrest and that is why he should be banned.
You know, I DO advocate violence, but banning them is just fucking stupid. They have every right to do whatever they want, and I have every right to kick they're dumb fuck asses in return.

Also, as Josh pionted out, they can hate who ever they want, and so can I. I don't know about you guys, but I HATE pretty much the rest of the world. Are you going to try and ban me for that? NO. And I'll tell you why. You don't like nazis, and you like the people the hate, and therefore, you will do what you can to stop them. But me? I haven't pointed out that I hate anyone you care about, so you're fine with letting me stay here. So unless you start banning anyone who hates (including yourself for hating Nazis), you are just a hipocritical peice of shit that NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO. So please, do us all a favor and STOP POSTING ARGUMENTS WHERE YOU CAN'T WIN, AND AGAINST PEOPLE WHO USE LOGIC TO WIN ARGUMENTS. Bye now.
i too dislike most people, they usually have to prove to me that they're not assholes before i'll associate with them. i've pretty much said the same thing you have lol people who want to ban them just for being nazis are just hypocrites.


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